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Interview with Chris Strouth in the Onion’s AV Club

Chris Strouth has been a pillar of the Twin Cities music scene for years, both on and off stage, as a performer, designer, producer, head of Twin/Tone Records, and prime mover of museum-friendly dub experimentalists Future Perfect Sound System, among other hats. His most recent project is Paris 1919, an electronic collective that grew out of his studio-bound, largely solo sonic collages into a live band that includesBoiled In Lead’s Drew Miller, Uzza vocalist Tabatha Predovich, and drummer Eric White. And sometimes many others—at this year’s Art-A-Whirl, Strouth helped mastermind the 30-musician improvisational ensemble project Czeslaw’s Loop.  Continued…

Vita.MN’s story on the Czeslaw’s Loop show.

Minneapolis Star Tribune’s piece on Strouth’s kidney transplant

An interview with Strouth on the radio program Some Assembly Required—pre-Paris, but interesting…