There are experiences that are universal in every life, and of them grief just might be the hardest. Death is never an easy topic, the loss of a life, and how we deal with it are often the things that tell us what it means to be alive, and who we are as a person. Grief, is about that, what it means to lose someone and survive and the 5 stages of it defined by the Kubler-Ross model : denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

This piece, built with live music, recorded sound, and performance goes through each of these stages, as they unfold, intersect, collide into each other and repeat. Using a combination of live action, film and music we will tell a story of loss and discovery. While not offering resolution may offer, a certain sense of peace and forgiveness.

Dark and minimal, sad but not depressing, this is a human story.

With Actor Charles Hubbel, and artist Mark Wojahn

Originally presented as part of Off Leash Area’s “Right Here Showcase in 2017