Book of Job

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Book of Job
Originally released in October of 2012

Book of Job is first official Paris1919 record. It came out simultaneously through UltraModern records, and as a cassata through the Go Johnny Go label. The record was written and recorded for the most part prior to the large band that is the current line up of the band. Everything here was written and performed by P19’s leader Chris Strouth. A process he started shortly after being diagnosed with kidney disease in 2008. The record is very dark noisy and chaotic. It is the sound of a world turned upside down and trying to find a peace in the chaos.


Keeping up with the chaos, the record was sort of lost in limbo due to issues with the distributor shortly after its release. Now all those issues have been sorted and the record is readily available at all of your major e-taileers.


Strouth describes the record has “ maybe my most personal piece of art ever, its one I hate to listen to because it instantly brings me back to that space every time I listen to it. Its only been in its recent rerelease that I can hear it with new ears and I have to say its has some pretty lovely moments.


Track Listing

What If God Were the Sun
She Said Something Else Too, But I Forgot Lock
Load, Rock, Roll
Isle of Naboombu, Tuesday March 23,1926
Marty Is A Prick
Breakup Letter on Psychic Paper
September ’51 Atoll K
Conversations With A Gun
Mr. Watson, Come Here, I Want To See You
Meditation on Partymachine
Song of the Human Abstract
New Year’s Eve 2005, Memphis
Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?
Whole Lotta Love